Freedom - Responsibility - Fairness - Respect

The People's Party of Canada (PPC) was founded by the Honourable Maxime Bernier, who sits as a Member of Parliament representing the Electoral District of Beauce, Quebec.

Maxime was first elected to Parliament in January 2006 and appointed to the Conservative Cabinet as the Minister of Industry. During his years in office with the Conservative Party, Maxime also served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and as the Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism.

By August 2018, Maxime had come to accept that the leadership of the Conservative Party was bent upon playing the same old games as the Liberals - seeking power through identity politics, interest group pandering and vote buying - while avoiding action to genuinely tackle issues of real concern to Canadians. Accepting this, and the fact that the Conservative Party is too corrupt to reform from within, Maxime resigned from the party on August 23 2018.

In September 2018 Maxime created the People's Party of Canada (PPC) to offer all Canadians an alternative to the same old Liberal-Conservative shell game. In his announcement, Maxime explained that the PPC is "a coalition of people who are disenchanted with traditional politicians who say one thing one day and the other the next".

Under Maxime's leadership, the People's Party of Canada is being built by and for all Canadians on the foundational principles of freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect.

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